Monday, July 8, 2013

The Biz Tycoon Car Dealer

I've been playing Biz Tycoon from Clapalong for months now and found how today how many people don't know about this feature.

Every weekend the car dealer opens. You should buy the most expensive car you can afford every weekend - without question. That gives you a bonus, big time. Now suddenly your entire company is making 5% - 15% more per day! You can't beat that bonus and with every new car you buy, (you can buy one per week) you get a new bonus on top of that one. The more expensive car you buy, the more bonus you get.

But in addition to buying a new car every week, you also need to log in every day and select the car with the * Star * over it, from your own garage and mark it as your favorite.

In doing so you get the favored car bonus of the day. The higher level your company is, the more of a bonus that is. For me right now that's about a bonus of $3 million a day. You know what they say, every little bit helps.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Castlot goes HD

I got an interesting email today and apparently now you can play Castlot on your iPad in HD. 

If you have a QR code reader you can scan this code here to download the game in the app store.

I am unsure if the game is the same as the web based version but I suspect it will be.  If oyu have had a chance to play the ipad version of the game let us know.  Tell us your thoughts.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hello Biz Tycoon

I haven't been blogging much about Castlot because quite truthfully I couldn't stand playing the game anymore which became nothing more than a way to get you to buy gold for real life money.

They seemed to forgotten that the best way to motivate us to spend our real life, hard earned money was to provide us with a good game.

So after a few months of being away I got an email from the guys who created Castlot, telling me about a new game they have called Biz Tycoon.  As a sucker for a great "Tycoon" game I had to check it out.

I've been playing for a few weeks now and find the game rather enjoyable but it is indeed quite a different beast than Castlot.  It's about building a financial empire instead of building an empire itself.

I'll try and post more about the game itself later.

For now I really just wanted to update you as to what I've been up to lately in terms of the game.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's all about the cards!

When the powers that be announced they would be introducing a new card system, there was a lot of bitching about it but truth be told, it really is a good system that if done right can bring a lot of power to your heroes.

Cards are broken down into 3 categories.
First there are the war element cards.  These work just like before, in that you assign each hero a special war element and if grouped properly they can produce great powers.

Here is a card I am using right now ...
Valor - Level 3. 
Element Power 9.  A 4-hero combined invincible skill summs Dragon to attack the enemy. 

Now what this means is that I have a Valor card (blue) that I have gotten to level 3.  It has 9 elemental power points (the higher the points the more damage done).  When bomined with 
Enrage, summon and ban, these cards cast the spell call of dragon.

War elements are used by your heroes in explore mode.

Next there are talents.  These give your heroes a boost in a more passive sense.   Here are some of the talent cards.

Fortitude (Level 3) - Increases HP of soliders by 12%
Thump (Level 1) - Increases Damage of soldiers by 4%
Raid (Level 3) - Increases speed of soliders by 18%
Trick (Level 2) - Increases speed of rival Mage by 240
Enchantment (Level 1) - Increases speed of rival archer by 120

Last but surely not least there are the skill cards.  Skill cards are used when it comes to arena battles. 
  There are some really powerful cards out there.  Here are some that I like

Dragon Chop (Level 3)  Group attack.  Deals 62% damage
Bloodlust (Level 5) Common attack.  Absorbs HP in the amount of 34% damage dealt to the target.
Druid blessing (Level 7) Single healing. Recoers HP.  Affected by the heero's level, intellect and the quality and level of the skill.

Now let's look at how these work ...

My first attack is a normal hit and I do 561 damage.
Next I do a Dragon Chop.  I do 396 damage.
Next is Bloodlust and I do 435 damage and recover 118 health.
Next is Druid Blessing.  I recover 823 health points.

Dragon Chop will do more and more damage as I level it up.  So eventually instead of that 396 damage it could be 1500+ in that one hit.

See what I'm saying about how powerful the right cards can really be?

Friday, June 29, 2012

A tip for keeping control of seized cities

If your server is anything like mine there is no doubt a lot of low level abandoned cities laying around for you to seize.

But then what is to stop soming from taking them from you?  It can be costly to create a bunch of troops to guard each city but not to worry, I have an easy fix for you.

LEVY!  Every day levy twice per city (the max the game allows) and don't recall them.  Just keep the levied troops there for guard duty.

The low level cities will get you about 20 troops per levy but in time those add up and 20 here and 20 there soon become hundreds and even thousands, which now all defend your city and it cost you nothing.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prestige Needed for Ranks

  • Knight - Prestige: 50; Cross Medals 5
  • Baronet - Prestige: 500; Cross Medals 10
  • Baron - Prestige: 5,000; Cross Medals 20
  • Viscount - Prestige: 20,000; Cross Medals 40
  • Earl - Prestige: 50,000; Cross Medals 80
  • Marquees - Prestige: 400,000; Cross Medals 200
  • Duke - Prestige: 2,000,000; Cross Medals 400
  • Minister - Prestige: 8,000,000; Cross Medals 800
These are the number of cross medals and the amount of prestige you will need to obtain each rank in Castlot.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Military Discharge

How does military discharge work?

Once an hour the system checks and if you have more troops than you should it dismisses the extras and refunds the resources it cost you to create them.